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Video of Printed Brochure:


A project to create a brochure for a company of our choosing, with another original logo created by me.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

I used Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign while creating this project.  I started by planning out my new logo, and creating it in Illustrator.  After I had the logo designed I made some general layout sketches for my brochure and worked on creating the body copy for the brochure.  I took my sketches and recreated them using InDesign on the computer.  I used filler text to help me plan the alignment and spacing throughout the brochure.  After the text and main layout was completed, I found the pictures that I wanted to use and started editing them in Photoshop.  I used the selection tool to create an image that I could wrap my text around, and I made some color changes to some of the other photos. I even found a way to include some of my other work to display on the screens of the electronics photo.  When I was finished with all of the editing, I placed the pictures in the InDesign document and arranged them on the pages.  I then got feedback from a few people about how to improve my design.  After receiving the feedback I made more changes to help add interest and align the items properly.  I then printed off the brochure (a few times) and finally came out with my completed project.


That the Super Mommy Complex Planner is a great product, that will help them get themselves and their families organized.


Busy mothers, who are looking to get organized.

Top Thing Learned:

That the Adobe software is made to work together and makes creating things like this enjoyable and exciting.  I also learned how to combine all the elements (images, text, shape, etc.) in a way that is visually appealing and easy to read and understand.

Color scheme and color names:

Violet-Monochromatic: RGB=227, 140, 187; RGB= 176, 57, 128

Title Font Name & Category:

Avenir Next LT Pro Bold, sans-serif

Copy Font Name & Category:

Avenir Next LT Pro, sans-serif

Word Count of copy:

254 words

Thumbnails of Images used:

Photo of young brunette woman teaching two sweet kids, cheerfulCaring Mother And Her Children At A Computer  pink-calendarcomputer-super-design

Sources (Links to images on original websites)

Purchased from Bigstock:

Computer Mock Up:

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  1. Paul Harris says:

    Very nice, I remember seeing what you did last week and the improvements look great. The color scheme looks soft and appealing to women. The children in the picture also adds feeling to the brochure. The logo is nice and repeats and runs as a theme throughout. You video was short and sweet hard to beat.

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