Project 4: Montage


An inspirational montage created in Photoshop, using two separate images, and typography.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing):

I started this project by thinking about what message I wanted to share.  After some careful thought, I decided to use one of my favorite scriptures that emphasizes trusting God and knowing that He is watching over you.  I then started looking through my pictures and came up with the idea of having a landscape with a stormy sky and bright sun, with a peaceful, calm looking woman in the sun’s rays. Next, I put the pictures I had chosen into Photoshop so that I could begin working with them.

I started with the landscape picture by making a background copy, then using the image adjustment tools, I changed the levels of the image, as well as the vibrance of the image.  The last adjustment I used on this image was the overlay filter.  I then switched to the picture of the woman and adjusted the levels, and vibrance of the image, as well as sharpened her face.  After I was finished with that, I used the quick selection tool to select just the woman and then I dragged it with the move tool, to the edited landscape image.  I then applied a layer mask to the layer with the woman on it and worked on blending the woman into the landscape image to make them appear to be one image.  Next, I created the text by typing certain phrases or words by themselves, so they could be easily manipulated.  I changed the weight and size of the various text and arranged it on the background.  When I had completed my draft I found two people to critique my design and took notes of their feedback.  I then made some of their recommended changes to my design, such as added a bevel to the text in my design, and softening some edges on the woman, and completed my final draft.


To trust in God, and know that He is watching over you.


Everyone!  Especially those who are struggling and need a reminder that God is there to help them and strengthen them.

Top Thing Learned:

I learned so much about how to use the amazing tools that Photoshop offers.  I am so excited that I have learned all of these new skills in Photoshop, and I look forward to using them for my own personal projects in the future.  I have always been a little afraid of Photoshop because it seemed so difficult to use, but I learned that it is actually quite simple (for the most part) and that I can quickly learn new things by just trying.

Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied:

Overlay to background image; Levels; Saturation; Added Bevel effect to text; Sharpened woman’s face (before bringing into main image)

Color scheme and color names:

Analogous- Orange, Gold, Yellow

Title Font Name & Category:

Nueva Std;  Modern Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:

Nueva Std;  Modern Serif

Thumbnails of Images used:

Beautiful Woman Doing Breath Exercises With An Autumn Background Very Atmospheric View Of A Wheat Field At Sunset With Dramatic S

Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):

Both images were purchased through BigStock.


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3 Responses

  1. Adina Call says:


    This is so cool. I often think with all our busy schedules we forget to just be still sometimes. I think the girl in your photo looks really peaceful and happy and I like the color vibrancy of your background. It’s really crisp and clear. The text is also very fun and inviting. Good job this week!

  2. Néna Riley says:

    I really like the warmth that the girl in the image creates and how she seems to match up perfectly with the sunset in the background. The colors are warm and inviting and contrast deeply from the darker edges of the image, which is great. I also really like how the image takes me out of this darker outer edge and into the light and I feel that, that goes along perfectly with your text. I get a lot of feelings of hope and trust, which I think fits with what you were trying to convey. Also I like that the text really stands out and isn’t hard to read at all. Great job overall!

    Feel free to check out my montage:

  3. I really like the design you did with this project! It is really an inviting image to look at and the message is really evident. I think you did a great job finding a nice theme and then matching it to images that would show it well. I think the expression on the woman’s her enjoyment of the nature and looks as if she is feeling grateful for God. I love this! If you would like to check out my project you can find it here.

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