Project 3: Photodesign




A project demonstrating good photography and image editing skills in Photoshop.  It also demonstrates the ability to use a color scheme from a photo in a design.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):

I first went around taking different pictures, trying to brainstorm ways to use them in a design.  When I thought I had a photograph that was good enough, I sat down and brainstormed different ways of displaying the image.  After making a few sketches with various layouts, I placed the photograph in Photoshop and use the eye dropper to find various colors in the image.  Whenever I found a color that might work I went online and used a color scheme website to experiment with what other colors I could use with it.  I eventually decided to go with a tetradic color scheme and found the colors I thought would work well.  Finally, I started implementing my design in Photoshop.  I spent a lot of time adding drop shadows and other elements to make the design more interesting and to showcase the image better.  After many revisions I took my draft to be critiqued by two different people.  After receiving feedback and ideas from the critique sessions, I went back into Photoshop and made the few changes that I thought would help the design.  I then printed off the final project, and posted the design here in this blog.


The message of this design is that Frodo is a fun and playful animal that we enjoy.


Dog lovers of all ages, and anyone who knows and loves Frodo.

Top Thing Learned:

That Photoshop is a very powerful tool!  I had no idea that I could create a project like this in Photoshop.  While the text was a lot more difficult to manipulate than it is in some other programs, I was quite impressed with all that I was able to do in this program.  I also learned a great deal about the importance of the editing process, and the great care and time it takes to create beautiful pictures and designs.

Color scheme and color names:

Tetradic; Orange, Red, Green, Blue

Title Font Name & Category:

Ravie – Decorative

Copy Font Name & Category:

Ravie – Decorative

Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted


Date and location you took the photo(s)

Taken Tuesday, February 3, 2015, in my backyard.

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4 Responses

  1. Paul Harris says:

    You Project 3 was very nice. It was a little hard on the eyes at first because of the color scheme, but after I looked at it for a while I found it very fun. I really liked the paw prints across the page. That was a cute name for the dog too. I think you did a great job.

  2. Frodo is a star! Cute photo! I like the playfulness of the colors you used and how they related to the photo. Adding in the paw prints and fun font kept with the theme. Another great photo design project was done by Tou Bee. You can see his at

  3. Tou Bee Yang says:

    Hi Tenille! I really enjoyed your design. You used a good number of colors and I love the repetition you did with the footprints. I like how you incorporated that with the color swatches. I thought that was a nice touch. I’m with you on Photoshop. I’m still learning the ropes with it but I have found that it is an extremely powerful tool as well. There’s a lot of different techniques and methods that it offers and I can see why it’s used heavily by so many companies.

    If you get a chance, feel free to check out my project. Mine was on ice cream and I had a lot of fun doing it. I’m sure you did with yours as well.

  4. Hi Tenille, first, you did an excellent job retouching the picture, you are handling Photoshop really well. Your composition is fun, it has movement, contrast and I like the typography. Keep up the good work!
    Check out what Paul’s work, he did also a great job:

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