Project 1: Flier



This is a black & white flier, promoting a graduate leadership conference

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

I started the process of creating this flier by first studying the materials that the client provided for me to use. I then took time to make a rough sketches of possible layouts for the flier. After I settled on which sketch I liked the most, I opened Adobe InDesign and started using the program to recreate my chosen sketch. After I had the basic framework in InDesign, I experimented with different fonts, alignments, and shapes to help unify the design. When I felt that I was close to finalizing my design. I printed my design and found people to critique my work. After compiling the feedback that I received from the critiques, I went back to InDesign to make the suggested changes and finalize my project. After making the changes, I double checked that all of the requirements that the client asked for were met. Finally I printed off the finish flier design and submitted to my clients for approval.


That this conference will help recent college graduates to develop and improve their leadership skills.


Recent college graduates who are interested in developing their leadership skills.

Top Thing Learned:

I learned the importance of alignment and using repetition to unify a design.

Title Font Name & Category:

NeueHaasGrotesk; Sans-Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:

Stempel Garamond; Oldstyle Serif

Links to images used in this project:

My Flier Presentation:

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5 Responses

  1. Reed Crouch says:

    Hi Tenille! I like your flier design because it’s a very good example of the use of repetition and white space. I struggled with getting all elements onto one page but it looks like you have it mastered. Very nice! You can check out my flier if you wish at

  2. Sarah T. says:

    Thanks for the feedback on my flier, Tenille! Here’s what I like about yours:

    I love how you made the word graduate the focal point while also putting emphasis on the word leadership. They are different enough that the two aren’t really competing; they just create a nice hierarchy. I also like your repeating elements and the way you emphasize the date, time and place. Well done!

  3. Excellent! I really like the contrast and also the white space. It looks clean, and you made good use the different elements like the circles. Repetition is part of your design as well and it fits nice. Great job!
    Maren did a good job with the main image, you can check it out here:

  4. Tenielle, Your video was one that I watched when I was trying to muster up the courage to make my own. I love what you’ve made with your flier. It is so strong and bold. Like Reed said, the repetition of form and balance of white space is great. I love how you bordered the message with the strong title and graphics. There is no doubt what your fliers message is. Another flier I viewed with strong presence is here:

  5. Tenille, I like the repetition of the dots on your design. I feel that they work to unify the design and to draw the eye.I also like how you are not afraid of leaving some empty space on the page. I did find that the juxtaposition of the images to the other elements was too close. My eye got stuck on the left side of your image a couple of times. Feel free to have a look at my design as well.

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